WinBIND Changelog

Version History

WinBIND 2.8.0 (current)

25th April 2021
  • Optimised LiveStats code to further minimise SQL database load
  • Improved the way that the SQL connection password is stored in the Windows Registry. If you are upgrading from a previous version you will be asked to use the Maintenance tool to upgrade to the new method

WinBIND 2.6.0

15th March 2021
  • New report: added a new Top 100 Clients report
  • New feature: you can now do a reverse DNS lookup for the top 10 clients in the Top 100 Clients and Bad Clients reports.
  • Cosmetic improvement: changed the Refresh button to show Working when generating a report so that it was clear that WinBIND was not stalled
  • Cosmetic improvement: the Service Status now shows live information about what WinBIND is doing in the background (eg importing BIND logs, updating the Windows Firewall or running an Active Refresh).
  • Cosmetic change: the WinBIND window is now slightly larger because of an major new feature coming in version 3: Live Stats. I’ll be writing a page about this soon, but here’s a teaser screenshot. Please contact me if you’d like to be involved in testing Live Stats in a beta capacity.

WinBIND 2.5.0

5th March 2021
  • Thanks to the generosity of Caphyon I’m now using Advanced Installer Professional. This means that it’s now possible to upgrade WinBIND without needing to first stop the WinBIND Windows service. Thanks guys!
  • Added a little colour to some of the reports. If the report is date-based then a daily average is calculated when the report is generated. Red values are higher than the daily average whilst green values are lower.
  • Added a new “Top Queries (live)” report which shows the top 100 queries in the last hour.
  • Added an option to reverse the date order when display report results (i.e. newest date at the top instead of the bottom).
  • Added a new Maintenance tab, but this is hidden by default. Contact me if you need access to this tab or want to help test its features
  • Some improvements to number formatting, but I’m still working on this.

WinBIND 2.4.1

28th February 2021
  • Added a new report to show the Top 100 Requests, and corrected an issue with date-based filtering in the Reports tab

WinBIND 2.4.0

27th February 2021
  • Added the Reports feature with the first selection of reports including Queries by Name Server and Bad Client Summaries

WinBIND 2.3.0

20th February 2021
  • Added a BadFqdns tracking table to the database to improve the performance of the Active Refresh feature

WinBIND 2.2.0

15th February 2021
  • Initial public release

All prior versions

Internal releases for development and testing