WinBIND Upcoming Features

Features planned for future versions

All dates are subject to change. Features may be brought forward or pushed back depending upon need or complexity

WinBIND 3.0.0 (Summer 2021)

This is already in beta – please contact me if you would like to help test this version.

Exciting new feature: Live Stats! – see screenshot below.

WinBIND 3.1.0 (Autumn 2021)

  • Scheduled reports (sent by email)
  • Improvements to email notifications (including SMTP-over-TLS)
  • Migration of most settings into the database (so they don’t have to be configured on a per-nameserver basis)

WinBIND vNext

Additional features and timings beyond those above are still being decided. If there’s something in particular that you’d like to see then please contact me.